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Our Story

Dr. Valmas’s path includes lots of years of studies along with professional and personal experience in various sectors. He has passed from day-to-day jobs to university research teams and from assistant jobs to associated expert role. He has lived, studied and worked in several countries (Greece, Belgium, France, UK, Israel and Palestinian Territories). He knows how to deal with people coming from divers backgrounds from all over the world as he has lived in multicultural places (Paris, London) and worked in multinational teams and organisations. He has taught, coached and saw the personal and professional development of pupils, students and adults with significant results. After lots of years of experience the time has come for him to make his dream come true: starting up his own business as a careers consultant and working with clients from all over the world online.

Our philosophy

V   –  Value your skills and experience

A   –  Abandon your bad habits

L   –  Liberate yourself from negative thoughts

M  –  Manage with circumstances

A  –  Achieve your targets

S  –  Succeed in your new career and life



Meet the consultants

Vassilis Valmas, Ph.D.

Careers Consultant

Vassilis Valmas, Ph.D., is a careers consultant who has a doctorate in Language Sciences, discipline belonging to Humanities. His thesis concerns the place of experience in skills development and in professional identity development. He holds: a BA in French Language and Literature (Greece, Belgium), a MA in Pedagogy of Languages and Cultures (France), a MA in Training Design and Execution – Adult Education (France) and a Ph.D. in the place of experience in skills and professional identity development- Linguistics (France). Vassilis throughout the years has developed a humanistic point of view about the role of an individual and his/her career path. Vassilis is capable of listening and questioning someone and of understanding deeply his/her profile showing empathy. He is capable of identifying skill gaps, transferable skills and of providing careers advice by helping others to establish an action plan and to make decisions about their education, training, work and life. He has successfully been preparing candidates for interviews and coaching them to maintain their job. He has been using careers information and resources having a recruiter’s point of view as well. Vassilis has international experience in private and public sectors. He is passionate about assisting individuals in maximizing their skills potentials and actively supports the community through voluntary work.

Yannis Psomadakis

Business Consultant

Senior Manager with more than 15 years in the software process and project management. Worked for software vendors, investment banking and as a senior consultant contractor. With interest in optimizing the software delivery process, lead a number of local, offshore and outsourced teams. Built software delivery framework for startup companies, i.e. advising on how to build and run development teams.