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I selected Dr. Vassilis Valmas’ consulting services in order to maximize the efficiency of my job search in the UK. I bought Valmas Consulting Career consultingCVCover letter and Interview preparation services. During our collaboration, Dr. Valmas was always on time for our Skype appointments and guided me successfullythroughout my preparation period. He suggested me ways of how to present myself through my CV and cover letter and during an interview as well. He knew exactly what a UK recruiter and hiring manager would like to see in a candidate’s profile. We worked together and amended my CV and cover letter in every detail. Result: It was a Sunday when I uploaded my CV on job boards. The next day, on Monday, I received 5 phone calls from recruiters. During the same week, on Tuesday, I received 5 more phone calls. By the end of the same week, I received more than 20 phone calls and I was invited to an interview. Having followed Dr. Vassilis Valmas’ tips about how to keep my CV on the top of a recruiter’s search, I managed to have the same result for a month having received totally 100 phone calls from recruiters, 8 interview invitations, and 1 offer. I recommend Dr. Vassilis Valmas’ services to the professional who would need guidance in his career, to the candidate who would like to maximize the efficiency of his CV, his cover letter, and his interview techniques.”

S. K. reviewed our services with 5 stars on 27-12-2017.

S. K.

Dr Valmas advised me during a very transitional period in my life. Almost two years after my MSc graduation in Scotland, I returned back in Greece in order to pursue a job in Marketing. Despite the fact that I had put a lot of effort in it, it wasn’t very fruitful. It was then, when a close family member of mine recommended Dr Valmas services. Dr Valmas provided me with an overall approach on how the Greek market workswhat the recruiters want to see in a candidate’s CV, what to add in it and what to exclude. He assisted in forming my CV along with a cover letter. He supplied me with ideas on how to make my CV outstanding and unique in order to differentiate and attract more interviews. His help with my CV has even boosted my confidence during an interview. I felt more secure for my answers and myself. Today, I work for a digital marketing agency in the heart of Athens and I am beyond satisfied. I totally recommend Dr Valmas services, because he has a broaden knowledge of the market, of what recruiters and managers require, he can understand the stress a potential candidate has but more importantly, he can highlight your strong points and show the opportunities and possibilities you have never thought beforeHe ispunctual and friendly, a career coach you can always reach for help and guidance.”

K. C. reviewed our services with 5 starson 13-03-2018.

K. C.

Dr. Valmas coached me during a transition in my lifefrom Germany to the UK and in my career from a technical job in a hospital to a teaching role in a school. He identified my transferable skills and helped me with my CV. Vassilis advised me about the job application process, how to succeed in my interviews and how to make the first crucial steps in my career in London as a music teacher. I would like to recommend him (Valmas Consulting) because he can help people to improve their lives through their career.

T. I. reviewed our services with 5 stars on 17-05-2017.

T. I.

I contacted Dr. Valmas in August 2017 in order to ask for advice about how to improve my CV. As a future MSc graduate of Imperial College of London I wanted to have a competitive CV. Vassilis amended my previous CV with a more eye-catching layout according to the UK market standards. He included parts of my experience through which I developed skills that could be transferable to my next workplace. I would like to recommend Dr. Vassilis Valmas (Valmas Consulting) for his professionalism and his quality deliverables.

N. Y. reviewed our services with 5 stars on 08-08-2017.

N. Y.

Vassilis has provided to me recently online careers advice. He amended my CV and explained to me what a recruiter and a hiring manager check on a CV during the hiring process. With his international experience and his intercultural approach Vassilis helped me to develop skills, attitudes and techniques in order to pass my interview. Now, I have a new role as a Civil Engineer in Ireland! I strongly recommend Dr. Vassilis Valmas / Valmas Consulting for the quality of his services. He is a specialist who can help professionals to make the next step in their career and improve their life.

B. S. reviewed our services with 5 stars on 30-06-2017.

B. S.

I have been consulting Dr Valmas since 2012 about my career. Initially, he optimized my CV and advised me how to apply for a job in Boston, USA. Since then, I consult him in order to get his advice for career progress. I recommend Dr Valmas for the quality of the results of his service and for the empathy that he shows as a career coach.

A. P. reviewed our services on 20-04-2018.

A. P.

Dr. Vassilis Valmas has provided to me InformationAdvice and Guidance, when I moved from Brussels to London in 2015. In Belgium I was finishing my Masters degree in Business Administration. In London I needed someone to support me to make my first steps in the UK market. Then, Vassilis explained to me how the UK market works for the newly entered workers, he worked on my CV and he advised me about the application process and the interviews. Since then, I consult him when I require careers coaching. Vassilis (Valmas Consulting) can help workers understand how the market works nowadays in a competitive environment, how an employer or a recruiter thinks, what they want to see on the CV and on the cover letter, what they want to see and hear during an interview. I recommend Dr. Valmas (Valmas Consulting) because he is very good at analysing problematic situations in a workplace which may lead to conflicting and stressful situations for an employee and because he makes recommendations to his customers empowering their self-confidence and help them to deal with their colleagues or managers.

C. S. reviewed our services with 5 stars on 22-05-2017

C. S.