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“Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)” Consulting Policies



Payment of services



All our services are provided having been prepaid by the customer 24 hours before the start of the session.


It is highly recommended to choose payment by “Debit/Credit card” for an instant check of the status of payment (approved or not by the National Bank of Greece).



Suppose the service is not paid (the full requested amount of money has to be completely transferred to the bank account at the latest 24 hours before the start of the session), Vasileios Valmas has the right to cancel the booking of the service.


In that case, a new order will be suggested to the customer at that moment.


Transfer costs from another bank are borne by the buyer. The full amount of the order must be transferred to our bank account to be executed. Otherwise, an additional deposit must be made at the bank’s expense.


Your order will be processed once we receive the purchase price. After depositing money please contact us by sending an email to to let us know that the deposit has been made.


In the case of a bank transfer payment (mainly outside Greece) please take into consideration the time required for the payment to be fully executed by the bank systems (sometimes up to 5 working days depending on the period of the year).



All the purchased services will be provided according to the availability of Vasileios VALMAS and following the dates of public holidays in Greece.



Money refunds for already bought services that occasionally the customer does not need any more can not be done.



Work on documents


All the work on the documents received will be in the same language. Translation from one language to another will be charged separately after having been assessed as per volume, having been estimated per price and finally agreed with the customer.


Communication and collaboration during sessions


Communication and collaboration during sessions take place using Skype videoconference mode. The customer must use a web camera during videoconference calls and a good internet connection (minimum 1.5Mbps dedicated for video call upload use). It is suggested that the customer use Zoom, a desktop or a laptop computer, and a cabled internet connection to avoid disruptions.




The client will receive a refund of paid registration fees only if “Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)” receives a cancellation notice by email to at least 14 calendar days before the session’s start date.


The client will not be eligible for a refund of paid registration fees and will not be eligible to reschedule a session if “Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)” does not receive a notice of cancellation 14 calendar days before the session start date.




The client may reschedule a session up to 14 calendar days before the class start date.


Cancellations of the purchase


Cancellation of the sessions is not allowed. Online session fees are non-refundable.




A “bundle” is a combination of sessions and consulting services sold and priced as a single product offering.



Non-cancellable components


No part of any bundles that include both non-cancellable and cancellable components may be cancelled.



No cancellation in part


If your bundle is cancellable, it can only be cancelled as a whole.


Individual components of a bundle cannot be cancelled.


Once any component of a bundle has been used, the bundle as a whole cannot be cancelled.


Individual components of bundles are subject to the rescheduling policies as defined within these consulting policies.



Cancellation and rescheduling by “Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)”


“Vasileios Valmas (Valmas Consulting)” may cancel or reschedule a session, including a component of a bundle, at his discretion.

In the event of such cancellation “Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)” will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide notice of such cancellation 14 calendar days before the class start date.

The client will not be charged for the “Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)” cancellation or rescheduling.

“Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)” is not liable for expenses incurred for the client’s online expenses if “Valmas Consulting (Vasileios Valmas)” cancels or reschedules a session.



Amendment of services


Vasileios Valmas has the right to amend the services provided, the bundles and their respective prices at any point of time without any warning.



Personal data


When you register with Valmas Consulting as a potential client you will need to send us probably your CV (curriculum vitae), if you have any, for the initial assessment before you book and buy a service.


In that case, by sending us your CV you give us (Valmas Consulting) your consensus to use your personal information included in the CV (Name, Surname, Postal address, Mobile number, email, Skype ID, any social media link/profile information), in order us to offer you our consulting services appropriately.

You have read and accepted our Privacy Policy.


All terms and conditions can be modified at any time without prior notice.