It’s time to move on in your career!

Why choose us?

Vasileios Valmas PhD

We are working with you on your previous career path, on planning your next step and on establishing your future career strategy.

We are working closely with you in order to optimize your profile through the documents that you use in order to apply online for a job (CV/resume, Cover letter/Personal statement/Supporting document).

We are coaching you and preparing you for the interview before you enter the interview room or before you pass a Skype interview.

We are here to help you to optimize your presence in writing, orally or online to potential hiring managers and to recruiters.

We are here to help you to change your job and your life before it’s too late! There is a cost for every choice in life either we stay in our comfort zone or we decide to move on.

We are here to help you to improve your everyday life through your career’s next steps!